Sexuality is something we cannot ignore. It affects us in relations to how we interact with ourselves, our loved ones, and people around us. Bethany is an advocate of human rights for Deaf people—especially the right to receive comprehensive 

sexuality education. Sexuality education is not all about sex; it is much more than that. As a qualified Deaf sex educator, Bethany provides accurate and developmentally appropriate information on human sexuality. 

Sex Education in ASL provides opportunities for Deaf individuals to be informed on their sexuality through workshops, training, and free, high-quality accessible educational videos. Her work also involves advocating for supportive and affirming space for the Deaf LGBTQ community.


In her all teaching, Bethany incorporates the value of showing dignity and respect for all people. 

"I appreciate how Bethany create safe space for all of us to discuss uncomfortable topics."

©2017 by Bethany Gehman.

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